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Inital Exchange Offerings

How to launch an IEO

To launch an IEO, you must have a concise and precise knowledge of the basic requirements for a successful launch.

Step 1 Requirements

  • The process is almost identical to an ICO with few mandatory requirements as follows:
  • An ideal and comprehensive Business Model
  • Innovative and advanced technologies
  • A minimal viable product (MVP)
  • A Token
  • Descriptive White Paper
  • A strong team to back up the project
  • Decent Hard cap
  • Buzz of initial investors
  • A platform like a website to promote and market your product.

Step 2 Selection of Crypto exchange with IEO platform

It is better to explore all the existing options to identify the most compatible crypto exchange for your IEO. It is probable that you may not like the most famous of the exchanges for your idea. This can be due to security concerns and the fee structure. 

Step 3 Exchange membership registration and approval

The last step to launch an IEO is to register with a reputable crypto exchange, you can do this using an IEO Blockchane Centralized exchange platform like Binance, Coinmarketcap, Bittrax, Southxchange, Bitkub, StangPro. and Decentralized exchange like Wirex (Care you keep) Can come through the middle at Ai-Fenix. The process will be completed through the following steps for secure membership.

  • Submit the registration form along with all the required data regarding you and the project you want to launch
  • The exchange team will review your application. They will screen the project details to look for any missing information and attainability.
  • You will have to pay the listing fee to secure your membership if your application for an IEO exchange registration gets approval. This fee can be a one-time payment or an annual membership.

Can an IEO be an alternative to an ICO for the long term?

An IEO is a trustworthy cryptocurrency project. The increasing interest from investors and exchanges make it one of the trending methods of fundraising for blockchain-based businesses. The simplification and the security of the whole process, has made IEOs a viable option. There is no doubt that it is here for the long term. However, there is no guarantee that another innovation that is better than this will replace it. For now, it has the potential to be the standard model of fundraising and an alternative to ICO.

Tax Issues when dealing with Crypto Assets

Buying and selling crypto assets can create specific tax implications. With rapid changes in the crypto-asset industry, the rules surrounding the valuing and taxing of these assets are also continually changing. The terminology within this industry can get complex; it is, therefore, advisable to find a suitable personal tax accountant who has expertise working within the industry to avoid any confusion. In order to understand the tax issues of the blockchain system, it is crucial to understand the definition of crypto assets or cryptocurrency.

The taxation of a crypto asset is dependent on its use. The tax treatment will also depend on the type of cryptocurrency, Exchange tokens, Utility tokens, or Security tokens. The complication around the taxation of this can get even more complicated with constant changes; an expert tax accountant who has experience working with such matters can simplify the whole process.

Generally, individuals who hold crypto-assets do so for capital appreciation; if so, they will be liable to capital gains tax on any gains they make on the sale of the asset. If an individual receives the crypto assets from their employer, they will have to pay Income tax and National Insurance on the crypto assets which they receive.


We have accountants are specialist who have experience in working with companies and individuals that handle cryptocurrencies. We also understand the tax implications that arise on the gains of cryptocurrency and other related matters.